Sympli creates versatile pieces that best express your unique personal style. Like you, we are always experimenting—pushing boundaries, not always playing by the rules. It’s a reflection of being a constantly evolving woman, showing the world who you are.
With timeless style. And some edge.

We celebrate all women and their confident self-expression.

Sympli launched in 2000 when our Canadian founder set out to create a style to inspire women of all ages and body types to be their most confident selves. She started with that ultimate symbol of go-anywhere freedom: the perfect white t-shirt.

Building on her success, we’ve grown a devoted following, not just for our unexpected design ethos, but for our quality fabrics, honest fits, and our commitment to comfort.

Sympli stands for: 

Each style is shaped on multiple women, with diverse figures and body types, to ensure the most flattering fit.

We understand that size is just a number, and no two bodies are the same. We don’t just scale up and down, but shape our styles for each size. We’re committed to our craft because this specialized approach is the only way to guarantee the perfect fit, every time.

We have very high standards, so we only choose and develop fabrics that offer impeccable quality and comfort.

Every one of our fabrics is subjected to a rigorous testing process to ensure it can withstand the wash and wear that’s a part of your everyday life.